The Easiest Yet Most Effective Time Management Strategy You'll Ever Read
Written by Adam Thomas on 20th May 2019
Productivity and time management is one of the hardest things to master... or is it?
Does this sound like you?
- Having a difficult time staying on track each day
- Not really working with any priority on tasks that will help you "move the needle"
- Working 12-14 hour days and having nothing left over for those you care about most
- Feeling overwhelmed, out of control, or like you’re drowning with all the things you need to do
- Escaping the pressure through days off, distraction and doing things that don’t matter
Well... I have GOOD NEWS!
You are not the problem.  

The simple problem is that you are lacking some very basic time management skills...

And if you just pay me seven hundred thousand dollars, I'll teach you them!  

Or you can take them for free in this blog article, your call.
#1 - Actually taking the time to PLAN
If you are just going about your days jumping from task to task without any real structure then... you don't even know what time management is, let alone have any skills for it... 

You don't need some cyborg ninja jedi plan, it's actually more productive to keep it simple.

Create a Google docs or notepad document and do the following:

1.) Before you finish your work day, write out the tasks you want to accomplish the next day

2.) That's it!

Once you've got a bit of practice planning your daily tasks, you can level up the difficulty and face the big boss by trying to plan your entire week in advance.

If you're an OG, feel free to tackle the entire month.
#2 - The GREEN circle method
This is where we separate the men from the boys. 

In productivity terms of course...  

For this you will need

- A green pen
- A blue pen
- A red pen

(If you're broke AF and can't afford pens you can always use microsoft word)

On your daily list of tasks to do, you want to do a few things:

1. Any task that directly brings sales/revenue into your business put a green dot next to it.. these are revenue generating activities (e.g. creating ads)

2. Any task that doesn't directly bring sales, but needs to get done put a blue dot next to it (e.g customer service emails)

3. Any task that doesn't directly bring sales, and doesn't need to be done, put a red dot next to it (e.g. posting on Facebook page)

Now what you want to do is very straight forward.

When you start your work day, do the green dot activities first, when you have the most mental bandwidth so you are performing at maximum productivity.

At the end of your work day, do the blue dot activities and get them out of the way.

Finally, the red dot activities, the things that don't bring sales, and don't need to be done...

#3 - Eliminating your DISTRACTIONS
What most humans don't understand is that we are slaves to our environment... 

Our environment impacts what we do, and how productive we are ...

For example, sometimes late at night I will play video games on my laptop to wind down after a long day of work, I plug in an Xbox controller to my laptop...

What I found out was interesting...

I never even consider playing video games at the start of the work day, I hardly even play video games at all to be honest...


If I leave my Xbox controller plugged into my laptop overnight, and I wake up in the morning, go to start work, and the controller is plugged in, guess what happens?

I get tempted (and occasionally cave in) to have a quick 30 min - 1 hour video game sesh while I'm still waking up in the morning.

Remove all distractions from your workspace, flight mode your phone and hide it, turn off all notifications on your PC and don't have a million tabs open at once.

Clean your work desk, tidy your computer desktop, aim to enter a zen state during work.

If your girlfriend keeps interrupting you while you're getting in the zone, put a do not disturb sign on the door and tell her if she enters while the sign is up you will go Randy Orton on her while she's asleep. 

Results may vary.
If you're still reading this, you're probably what people consider a productivity God...

Do not use your powers for evil.

Adam Thomas

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