The Best Product Research Tool Ever
Be a part of the mass movement inside of dropshipping and enjoy the early movers advantage with our 7 day free trial! 
Feeling lazy? Don't worry, we've got you.

We pay a team of researchers to compile the best and hottest products on the market right now.

Every day we hand pick the best 2 products out of our selection, and upload them to our software in the hot products section so you can take the best ones.

Never worry about finding winning products again!
Don't you ever wish you could just get your top competitors, and take their newest and hottest products to sell in your own store? Wouldn't that be a little too easy?

Now you can! Enter in any Shopify store into our software, and we will show you all their newest products. 

BONUS: When you sign up we will give you a list of the top 125 Shopify stores in the world right now (ranked by who gets the most traffic), so you can enter them in our software and start taking product ideas from the best of the best! Just email our support at and put "TOP 125" in the subject line. 

I remember the days of doing manual keyword research, and how utterly boring it was... Those days are gone!

Now when researching our hot products, or your competitors products, at just one click you can see all the search demand for that product. 

We show you all the hottest keywords, the monthly search volume, and even the estimated CPC for Google Ads, so you can make quick, informed decisions about what products you should be selling in your store.
A huge problem with dropshipping is that it is typically hard to find products with big profit margins... until now!

That's exactly why we added price filters to our software, so you can find those products that give you big margins.

When searching through your competitors newest products or our hot products, with just one click you sort the products by the ones with the highest price. 

Now it's simple and easy to find higher priced products, that can help give that extra boost in profit to your store. 
You can add your favourite competitors into something we like to call the "Feed". It's a true game changer...

Every 8 hours our clever AI will scan all the Shopify stores in your feed, and grab their newest products. 

That means every day you can have a completely automated list of the newest products from all of your competitors ready for you, without having to lift a finger.

You can then sort through the products by highest price, see the search demand, and use all our other features!
Some of the dropshipping OG's might remember when there used to be websites that existed to help find Instagram Influencers with ease.

Unfortunately, Instagram don't allow this anymore so the most popular sites had to close down. 

What we are allowed to do though, is manually research the best Instagram Influencers ourselves!

And that's exactly what we've done... so if you're struggling to find influencers to market your products with, then feel free to look through our database at any given time.
Soon you will be able to import products directly from our software, into your Shopify store!

That means all you have to do is log into our software, browse some products, decide which ones you like and click, the product is now in your store and ready to go.

Our goal with this software is to make your life easier, and save you time with clever automations, so that you can focus on what matters most which is making sales.
7 Day Free Trial 
Our normal price is $49/month, but because you are an early adopter you will receive a special price of $29/month (guaranteed for 3 months) as a token of our appreciation.

  • Hot Products - 2 new trending products available to you every single day which are handpicked by our expert researchers
  • Competitor Research - Take any of your top competitors, enter them into our software and get a feed of their newest products instantly
  • Search Demand - At the click of a button, see the search demand for any of your competitors product without having to do any manual research
  • Price Filters - Find products with high profit margins so that you can have better cash flow for your store, it's as easy as one click with our software
  • Competitor Feed - Every single day receive an automated feed of the newest products from all your competitors, without having to lift a finger 
  • Saved Products - Anytime you find a product that you like, you can save it to your account so that you can come back to it later for easy access 
  • Instagram Influencers - Find the right Instagram Influencers to help market your product to,  enjoy our database of Influencers to use whenever you like
  • Early Adopters Discount - Because you're here early, you get a special early adopters pricing of $29/month, and you're guaranteed this for at least 3 months
  • (COMING SOON) Import To Shopify - Import products directly from our software into your Shopify store, saving you time with clever automation
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